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Used by startups and tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Netflix, and more, Python offers endless possibilities for creating small and large-scale software projects, is user-friendly with easy-to-read code, which makes Python is a great first programming language to learn and requires no prior programming knowledge. Python skills will open you up to careers in almost any industry and are required if you want to continue to more advanced, higher paying software development and engineering roles such as software engineer, systems administrator, and security engineer.

The course also prepares you for the PCEP – Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer certification (Exam PCEP-30-0x).

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Introduction to Python and Computer Programming

Learn the fundamental concepts behind Python and computer programming, and gain the essential skills you need to start designing and running your own Python programs.

Data Types, Variables, and Basic I/O Operations

Explore the essentials of Python data types, create and modify variables, use operators and expressions for simple computations, and introduce values to your program with basic input/output.

Control Flow, Booleans, Lists, Logical and Bitwise Operations

Learn to use control statements to make decisions, work with lists for indexing, slicing, and content manipulation, as well as the use of Boolean data types and relational and bitwise operators.

Data Collections, Functions, and Exception Handling

Structure your code to create, use, and reuse functions. Learn to collect data using lists, tuples, and dictionaries, and how to handle errors and exceptions and also how to debug basic code errors.

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