Partnership with ITDVN

Free training for Ukrainians by ITVDN

The IT sector makes a significant contribution to Ukraine’s economy. For Ukrainians who want to learn programming, the ITVDN educational platform offers free training. The courses are suitable for both beginners and those who already have some knowledge or even work in the IT industry.

To get access to an ITVDN video courses in Ukrainian language, for 30 days, you need to fill out a form by February 15 inclusive. Access to the selected course will be provided on February 16.

ITVDN also offers unlimited training programs:

ITVDN support programs have no time limits and provide for gradual training in the chosen specialty, including

  • Python Developer
  • FrontEnd Developer
  • Website layout designer
  • Java Developer
  • React and Angular developers
  • C#/.NET Developer
  • Unity game development
  • Android and iOS development and others.

Check out ITVDN courses in Ukrainian – the list is constantly updated. We are currently publishing 4 more new courses and have big plans for the future!

If you have any questions about free training at ITVDN, please contact the support team.

Partnership with Perspektywy Foundation

Perspektywy Foundation invites Ukrainian women in Poland to free courses that provide qualifications in computer science and facilitate obtaining better employment.

Together with Cisco and the Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki i Zarządzania w Rzeszowie, two free online courses will be conducted: “Cybersecurity” and “Programming in Python”


Participants will receive support in the Ukrainian language from mentors who will assist in case of difficulties.

Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion and Cisco Digital Badge and will be able to apply for positions as CYBERSECURITY SPECIALIST or PYTHON PROGRAMMER.

The courses are part of the Polish-Ukrainian program “Incubating Freedom for Ukraine – Adapting women to the digital economy,” coordinated by the Perspektywy Educational Foundation. Its goal is to prepare Ukrainian refugees for work in the digital sector in Poland or Ukraine.

Applications can be submitted until December 15, 2023. The courses will start after the New Year break.

Registration and information on the website:

Partnership with Poltava

In November, the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów, Poland, and Poltava City signed a Memorandum of Cooperation. From now on, teachers in Poltava schools will teach their students according to the Cisco4Ukraine project program.

This cooperation is the support of the Polish city on the path of Ukrainian cities to European integration.