My name is Yuri! I am 43 years old.
I am from the city of Kharkiv, which is located in the north-east of Ukraine and is the second most populous city after the capital Kyiv.

    I love traveling to nature, watching YouTube, and learning.
    Before the war in Ukraine, I worked as a business development manager in a bank, and before that in an online store.

     For the first time, I learned about the Cisco4Ukraine program from a Telegram channel about helping Ukrainians in Poland. I was interested in the opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills. The Python programming language is widely used both in the process of developing applications and sites and in the analysis of various types of data. Since my professional activity was related to the analysis of the company’s activities and the preparation of a proposal for making management decisions, the opportunity to master modern tools seemed useful to me. Thanks to participation in the program, I got acquainted with the basic concepts and principles of the programming language and was able to practice while performing practical tasks. Now I am studying frameworks of the Python programming language.
     I recommend everyone interested in learning basic knowledge of Python programming to take part in the Cisco4Ukraine program. This will provide an opportunity to gradually become familiar with all the basic capabilities of the programming language, to practice writing code. At the lectures, teachers additionally reveal the course material and provide answers to questions that arise during the learning process.

Thanks for the learning opportunity!