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This introductory course takes you inside the world of cybersecurity. Here you will learn cybersecurity basics to protect your personal digital life and gain insights into the biggest security challenges companies, governments, and educational institutions face today. Cybersecurity professionals who can protect and defend an organization’s network are in high demand.

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The need for cybersecurity

This module explores the need for cybersecurity, who the attackers are, and the value of data to people and organizations in order for to enhance their abilities to defend against attacks.

Attacks, concepts and techniques

This module examines attacks through malware, social engineering, and attacks that target applications. It also explores the vulnerabilities of a system and the threats that exploit them.

Protecting your data and privacy

In today’s connected world, data security is critical. When information flows freely between users, organizations, and business partners; how does data remain secure so it does not fall into the wrong hands?

Protecting the organization

An organization can achieve a basic level of security through implementing the security features available on network hardware. This module examines how firewalls, IDS/IPS’s, and other security appliances can detect attacks.

Will your future be in cybersecurity

The growth of cybercrime is driving the demand for cybersecurity professionals, where job opportunities exist in both the public and private sectors. Cybersecurity professionals need a combination of computer expertise and cybersecurity education.

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